About us

We are Australian family business started from our curiosities of land based squid fishing.
Our squid jigs are designed in Australia for Australian waters.

Started as a hobby for pier squid fishing, learning from the masters in piers we decided to make our own range that are affordable and very effective. Seeing the masters on how they can catch maximum bag quantity while people around only a few, one of the main key is the Squid Jig they are using. With this we develop Squid Jigs that would assist you in getting better result when you are fishing from land. It would also work very effectively for people fishing from boat.

We try to make squid fishing simple & affordable, the few variety we have are all you need to catch squid on different light conditions. As we observe commercial fisherman, they do not use fancy looking jigs, but in many case we can see just solid pink or solid white, yet they catch more than anyone. Learning from the best so we release the White Diamond and Fluoro Pink and then for low light condition we release the Crimson Red. We understand that anglers loose jigs all the time, here we keep the price tag very low while maintaining quality of the jigs to the highest.

Happy Squidding and Thank You for supporting us.

Happy Squidding !!

Enjoy the relaxing TIME and most importantly, enjoy your catch.

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